Katey Schroeder

Physician Assistant & Integrative Medicine Specialist

Smart. Nice. Motivating.

Honestly, Katey is the bees-knees. She is our go-to prescriber and medical expert.

She also practices alternative and complementary medicine to give clients the most choice.

Katey is located at ALL IN-East


Katey has three amazing strengths that make her so loved around ALL IN. She’s knowledgeable, she is super warm, and she is highly motivating.

Katey is knowledgeable in so many aspects of the medical side of mental health. She has a comprehensive understanding of the cutting-edge science of medicine. She takes time to fully understand your medical history and can explore whether medication is right for you.

But also ask her about complementary options including tailored supplements and herbal remedies. She’s here to give you options and a plan, and work with you as long as you need.

She’s also super warm. After meeting her for the first time, it took about 2 minutes for us to realize how friendly, and present she is. Honestly, she’s just very easy to open up to. A rare talent amongst the medical profession, we hear.

Some clients do best with mainstream medicine, others with alternative medicine. I just want people to have options that work for them.

Katey is also really motivating. Her clients are noticeably more hopeful, motivated, and relaxed after meeting with her. She takes her role as a provider very seriously, and having her in your corner can be so relieving.

“I’ve never met with a provider that worked so closely with me, and met with me multiple times to make sure I was on the right track. She’s the best.”

-Actual Client Feedback


Masters in Physician Assistant Sciences- Loma Linda University

Bachelor’s Degree – Kinesiology- California Polytechnic State University

Physician Assistant