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When Dream Betrayal Sparks Conflict In Reality

Dreams are those peculiar stories that play out in our heads as we sleep having a strange influence on our waking lives. Sometimes, the content of our dreams can hit too close to home making you question your reality. You are suddenly awake, your heart is racing, your blankets are all knotted and you’re enraged

Intensive Couple's Counseling For Infidelity
Intensive Couple’s Counseling For Infidelity

A couple’s bond can be shaken to its very core by infidelity, a painful and complicated betrayal of trust in a relationship. Infidelity can have long lasting impacts on a relationship and can be hard for a couple to navigate on their own. Intensive Couple’s Counseling can aid couples in their route to recovery and

Marriage Retreats For Couples Considering Divorce Blog
Marriage Retreats For Couples Considering Divorce

Marriage can be a wonderful, transformational experience. Even the healthiest of relationships, though, can experience difficult periods where the possibility of divorce is very real. When disagreements seem unsolvable and communication breaks down, it’s easy to lose hope. However, marriage retreats can provide couples who are struggling an opportunity to hone in on their issues

Discernment Counseling: Make It Or Break It Blog
Discernment Counseling: Make It Or Break It

There often comes a time in the unpredictable terrain of relationships when partners find themselves at a dead end, not knowing which way to go. Are they going to keep moving forward and try to fix what went wrong, or should they say goodbye and go their separate ways? Discernment counseling can be a helpful

Marriage Retreats Blog
Marriage Retreats

Relationships can easily lose their spark amidst the daily chaos of life. Marital retreats provide a restorative haven for couples looking to deepen their relationship, regardless of whether they’re going through a difficult time or just want to improve their relationship. This article will explore marital retreats, including what they include, where to find one,

Bringing Social Media Into The Therapy Office

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely wondered whether it’s appropriate or even acceptable to incorporate social media content into your therapy sessions. The short answer? Absolutely! In my experience as a therapist, I’ve had clients utilize social media like TikTok, Instagram, and others to enhance their engagement in their therapeutic journey. Social media has become

Intensive Couple's Therapy Blog
Intensive Couple’s Therapy

Couples frequently experience roadblocks when moving together in their quest for love and connection. To improve and maintain a happier and healthier relationship, seeking help can be the first step in addressing issues such as unsolved disputes, disruptions in communication or other difficulties.   Intensive Couples Therapy shows promise by providing a targeted and concentrated

Extended Therapy Sessions: Sometimes More Is Better Blog
Extended Therapy Sessions: Sometimes More Is Better

Therapy can be a lifesaver for someone who is navigating mental health problems in the midst of every day life. Therapy sessions typically run for no more than an hour. As the field of mental health changes, so does our knowledge of successful treatment approaches.   Let us introduce the idea of extended treatment sessions,