Mental Health Practitioner (he/him)



Talk about a guy who is committed to change! Jason knows what it takes to make real and lasting change, because he did it himself. Now he wants to helps others do the same.

Jason Hinkemeyer
Jason Hinkemeyer

Once we met Jason, we knew we had to have him on the team. Jason brings a tremendous amount of life experience to his clinical work. This is what makes him so relatable, and trustworthy.

Jason has a really calm vibe. He’s not one to get all amped up and wild. Instead, he is patient, kind, and easy-going. But, don’t confuse that as being soft. Jason is tough and committed, pouring all he has into his clinical work.

Jason owned a tree-cutting service before beginning his clinical training. Have you ever met a guy that went from chainsaws to counseling? That speaks to his ability to speak a lot of different “languages”; as a father, a business owner, a man, and a person who knows what it takes to achieve a dream.

“I’m passionate. I’m committed. I’m here to help my clients transform their lives.”

Jason works with individuals and couples, both in-person and online. We know that you will get a lot out of working with him. But, don’t take our word for it. See for yourself!

Jason also practices under the supervision of Dr. Kyle Zrenchik

Jason has what many people don’t: real life experience. Jason has lived it, seen it, and now is committed to helping others overcome it. He’s a super cool dude who has learned a lot (both in and out of the classroom).