When the waves get too high, We go deep.

Our most focused and flexible program for rapid change.

Urgent needs, need an urgent response.

We’re here when your boat gets rocked - hard.

It's entirely custom and personal. Whether we're helping salvage relationships in crisis, guiding you through urgent issues, or when there's simply not time to wait to get to the bottom of an issue - it's time to go deep.


For couples that:

  • Are dealing with an infidelity
  • Are considering divorce
  • Are struggling with addiction issues
  • Lack intimacy
  • Are seeking trauma recovery
  • Are having co-parenting difficulties.


For people that:

  • Are struggling with an addiction
  • Have significant past trauma
  • Are on the brink of making a major decision in their life
  • Dealing with a lot of uncertainty
  • Need uninterrupted focused time
  • Are trying to save their family or prevent a divorce

The Process


Assess Your Needs

Let us know what change you need, so our expert can offer tailored options and a comprehensive plan.


Customize Your Program

Flexible scheduling with your preferred therapist. Designed to make change happen.


Dive Deep

Prepare, open your mind, and get busy doing transformational work.


Return Different

Whether your change is complete, or if you are now prepared for the next steps, notice how much got done and how different you feel.


Transform Your Life In A Few Powerful Hours.

Tailored, focused, solution-based support.

Find stability in turbulent times.

Tackle major problems while they’re fresh.

Reconnect & rebuild crucial bonds.



Full 14-hour Program: $3999

8-Hour Focused Program: $2499

We accept HSA/FSA, PayPal Credit, Cash, Check and Credit Cards.