Root Causes of Relationship Problems
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Root Causes of Relationship Problems





The majority of Americans (64 percent) report being happy in their relationships. However, what about the other 36 percent, though?


For those who are struggling with relationship problems or marriage problems, it’s important to understand the root causes of these issues. Because of this, below are some of the most common questions about relationship and marital problems.




How Do You Know When Your Relationship Is in Trouble?


Here are some signs that might indicate you need to start working on your relationship with your partner:

  • You and your partner argue or fight more often than usual
  • You’ve stopped fighting altogether and co-exist in silence
  • You and your partner are actively looking for things to be annoyed by
  • You and your partner have stopped confiding in one another
  • There’s a lack of intimacy (15-20 percent of couples have not been intimate in the last year).




What Are the Most Common Marital Problems?


Once a couple notices a problem, the next step is to get to the root.


There are lots of reasons why a relationship might be struggling. Because of this, we provided some of the most common marital problems that can eventually lead to divorce:

  • Growing Apart Emotionally: Because when partners don’t share their feelings, they may start to become distant and disconnected.
  • Finances: Money problems can put a strain on relationships and cause serious conflict.
  • Lack of Sex: A lack of intimacy can also strain relationships and exacerbate other issues.
  • Communication Problems: Poor communication makes it hard for partners to understand what the other is experiencing. In turn, this makes it hard to fix the problem.
  • Poor Conflict Resolution: This can make problems get worse.
  • Disagreements Around Parenting: Disagreements about parenting often create tension in the home.
  • Not Having Fun Together: Some partners are too serious and don’t spend time having fun and relaxing. Thus, they may grow distant or start to resent each other.
  • Issues with Your Partner’s Friends or Family: Poor relationships with a partner’s family or friends can often create tension in the home.