What is Codependency?: Signs and Symptoms
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What is Codependency?: Signs and Symptoms




Codependency is a problematic way to develop relationships.

Learn about this common issue people face, and discover ways to overcome codependency.



What are the signs of codependency?


The concept of codependency emerged out of addictions research. It was a concept designed to describe the behavior of spouses and children of alcoholics. Since then, the concept has been applied more broadly.


While there are a variety of definitions, a review in journal Contemporary Family Therapy used previous research to highlight key aspects of codependency, which are listed below. These can be considered “signs” that you might be prone to codependency.

-Holding an extreme belief that you are powerless, and others are powerful

-Not openly sharing your feelings

-Excessive emphasize on getting your sense of purpose by engaging in/caring for relationships that cause you distress

-Can involve denial, attempting to control the relationship, or being very rigid.

If these signs strike a chord with you then you may want to seek out help from a therapist.




What is a codependent relationship?