What Does it Mean to Have Healthy Boundaries?
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What Does it Mean to Have Healthy Boundaries?

The concept of setting boundaries is becoming a popular concept and drawing a lot of attention.


Despite the term’s popularity, though, a lot of people are confused about what it actually means to have healthy boundaries. They might struggle with guilt when they try to set a boundary with a loved one, or they may question the necessity of setting boundaries at all.


Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about setting and holding healthy boundaries.





What Are Personal Boundaries?


Resources from the University of California Berkeley describe personal boundaries as “limits and rules” that a person sets for themselves within a relationship.



The American Psychological Association expounds upon this definition and explains boundaries as “psychological demarcations” that protect an individual or group’s integrity and help them to set realistic limits on their participation in relationships and activities.


People who have implemented healthy boundaries have the ability to say “no” when they want to. However, they are not so closed off that they are