MA in Couples & Family Therapy

Caroline Hoppmann

Therapist for Individuals & Couples

Caroline is the perfect fit for clients that are looking for a more relaxed, new-age, and open-minded approach to therapy. She is not stuffy or dull at all. She’s a perfect blend of calming yogi, curious friend, and passionate professional.

Caroline is located at our ALL IN-Edina location.

Caroline Hoppmann
Caroline Hoppmann

What stands out about Caroline immediately is her very calming vibe. While she has the training and skills of a traditional therapist, she has a very modern and fresh personality and approach.


I think that everyone looks for something different in their therapist, and I want to be there for those that are needing a place to be authentic, open, and talk through some really difficult things.


Caroline is also a trained sex therapist, so she is adept at helping individuals and couples discover and build a satisfying and sustainable sexuality. Whether the issue holding clients back is trauma from their past, issues in their relationship, or simply being stuck in their heads, Caroline brings both the skill and personality to her sessions that clients need for lasting results.


Talking with Caroline is like talking with an old friend. She’s just someone you want to open up to. That, and her open-mindedness, are her superpowers.

“I wish I didn’t know her as my therapist. I wish I could have met her as like a friend.” -Actual feedback


University of Minnesota – Twin Cities: BA, Family Social Science

University of Wisconsin – Stout: MS, Marriage & Family Therapy

Specializes in Couples & Sex Therapy

Practices under the supervision of Dr. Vanessa Sovine and Chris Weidenbacher, and is an Independent Contractor