Mental Health Practitioner (he/him)

Mike Skinner, MA

Therapist for Individuals & Couples

It takes a lot of guts to become a therapist as a second career. But, when you are as driven, passionate, and caring as Mike, it makes sense why he did it. He’s a natural and makes his clients feel at home right from the jump.

Mike is located at our ALL IN-Edina location.

Mike Skinner
Mike Skinner

You probably want to work with a therapist that wants to work with you. Well, Mike gives a sh*t about his clients, and what his clients care about. He is sincere when he says that he wants to get to know you, to address the things you think need to be addressed, and help you along your way to wherever you want to go. He’s really very engaged.


I will work to give you a space in which to find yourself and to work on whatever you feel is your highest priority to create your path.


There is a lot to Mike that makes him pretty awesome. He’s a clean-cut guy with a very mellow vibe. He’s super into art and music, but can nerd out with the best of them. He’s hard to define, and that’s perhaps his superpower. He understands that some things, some people, and some problems are hard to understand. But he’s never discouraged. He’ll get right in the thick of things with you and walk the walk with you along the way.


We like Mike, like a lot. Others like him, too. His client’s like him. We think his spouse likes him, too. So, if you wanna like your therapist, he’s probably a safe bet.

Mike utilizes a mixture of education, narrative focus, and behavior-based approaches in his clinical practice.


University of Nebraska – Omaha: BA, Psychology

St. Mary’s University: MA, Marriage & Family Therapy

Practices under the supervision of Dr. Vanessa Sovine