Mental Health Practitioner (she/her)

Topé Daniel, MA

Therapist for Individuals & Couples

You’re going to really like Topé, and we have three reasons why: She’s got a dynamite personality, she really cares about helping clients make a positive difference in their lives, and she is a skilled and talented clinician.

Topé is located at our ALL IN-Edina location, and virtually.

Tope Daniel

Topé shows up for her clients in the way that they most need. She helps clients find and become the version of themselves that they most desire to be. She does this by some special therapist magic that is both motivating and affirming.


Clients of Topé tend to do well if they are goals-focused and wanting change. She has a bit of a “coach” vibe in that she is always thinking about how to bring results.


I’m a “We Got This” then “You Got This” type. Almost like we’re in this together first, now I’m handing You over to you because “You got this.”


Topé is a particularly passionate about supporting and empowering individuals who feel like they are outsiders, feel like they don’t fit within traditional cultural norms and values. She also is drawn to people who would describe themselves as “creatives” and work in arts and entertainment.


If you are still reading this, it is probably because you are considering meeting with Topé. Just do it. We promise that you enjoy her as much as we do.

Topé practices from a cognitive-behavior therapy approach, as well as from a person-centered perspective.


St. Thomas University, MA- Mental Health Counseling

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities: BA- Psychology

Practices under the supervision of Chris Weidenbacher and Dr. Vanessa Sovine.