Licensed Social Worker (they/he)

Sage Cude, MSW, LSW

Therapist for Adults & Teens

Sage brings a very calming and focused energy to their clinical work. They are present with their clients in a way that makes their clients feel heard, seen, and cared for.

Sage is located at our ALL IN-Golden Valley location.

Sage Cude

Sage is a natural helper through-and-through. They are motivated to be a good listener, advocate, and therapist for their clients. Sage doesn’t just stop at helper their client become aware of the problems, Sage helps their clients address and solve their problems. They are very kind and warm, yes, but Sage is chiefly concerned with helping clients make change.


“Many things can be true at once” is kinda my tagline. This means that Sage understands that some problems are complex; a client could be both hurting and healing, a partner could be both wrong and right, a memory could be both good and bad. Sage is not here to tell clients what is, they are here to tell you what is possible.


Sage has a particular passion for working with clients who have ADD/ADHD, and who are Neurodiverse. They understand that if your brain is scattered or stuck, you need someone to help you iron things out, identify what’s going on inside, and make a clear path forward. Additionally, Sage welcomes any clients that would identify as disabled as Sage respects and enjoys working with people through challenges that others don’t typically face.



Sade practices from blend of approaches including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Compassion-Focused, Internal Family Systems, and Trauma-Focused therapies.


Colorado State University: BA, Human Services

Louisiana State University – MSW, Social Work

Licensed Social Worker

Practices under the supervision of Dr. Kyle Zrenchik