Mental Health Practitioner (she/her)

Hailey Schaefer, MA

Therapist for Individuals & Couples

She can laugh with you, and she can be serious. She can be warm, and she can be direct. She’s a counselor that can adjust to what you need most, while still being very real and authentic. And she is one heck of a likeable person.

Hailey is located at our ALL IN-Edina location.

Hailey Schaefer
Hailey Schaefer

One thing that really stands out about Hailey is that she is very present. By that, we mean that she is attentive, she listens very well, and she is fully “there” with her clients. We have heard stories of counselors at other clinics “not really listening”; that definitely does not describe Hailey’s values or approach. She is ALL IN (sorry for the pun, but it was too perfect).


I enjoy using humor when appropriate, because it’s the fastest way to build a connection. I can also be direct with clients when it’s needed to point out patterns of behavior that don’t align with their goals.”


Hailey’s superpower is that she can really make her clients feel heard, believed, and understood; a very good skill to have in a counselor. She is fully committed to helping her clients make real change in their lives, and you can tell in the way she talks that she takes her job as a “change-maker” very seriously.


We think she’s pretty much the bomb. She’s talented, genuinely, and motivating. We dig her big time.



Hailey specializes in treating with treating anxiety, depression, and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Basically, she helps you get your brain back under your control.


Minnesota State University- Moorehead: BA, Psychology

St. Mary’s University: MS, Counseling and Psychological Studies

Practices under the supervision of Dr. Vanessa Sovine and Abbie Poush