Chris is someone you definitely want in your corner when you are going through difficult times.

She is kind, gentle, and committed to getting through things with you.

She’s tough in all the good ways, and her clients love her for that.

When people are going through tremendous trials in their life, you want to be with people that “get it”; people that have had to walk down scary and uncertain paths and have come out stronger and healthier on the other end.

No one at this clinic is more qualified to be in the trenches with you than Chris.

Chris knows what it’s like when you are forced to look your fears in the face and, somehow, figure a way past it with your happiness, family, and future in tact.

While raising a family, and managing a career, Chris was also battling Cancer.

Chris survived, and turned her story into her greatest superpower.

Chris has an incredible skill at slowing things down, hearing you out, and sitting with you in the thick of it so that you are not alone.

Though she can be with anyone in the rough, she also skillfully understands how to help you make concrete, achievable plans for change. She knows that you need more than just understanding: you also need change.

Beyond her sincere dedication to her clients, or her willingness to be with you on whatever your journey is, her greatest strength is her desire to understand. She thrives on helping people learn what exactly is holding them back. Knowing that she can delve in quickly so you can get your breakthrough.


Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.

Master of Arts (Marriage & Family Therapy). St. Mary’s University- Twin Cities.