Ashley Baird Urbanski, MA, LMFT

Individual & Couples Therapist


Ashley in Chair



Kind, compassionate, and committed. That is the best way to describe Ashley. She’s incredibly easy to talk to, knows how to be helpful, and doesn’t give up until the job is done.

Ashley is located at our ALL IN-West Location.


Ashley is the definition of a great therapist: She is deeply knowledgeable in the science and craft of human transformation, and emanates an energy that is very grounding, present, and chill.


Spend just a few minutes with Ashley and you will quickly see how you cannot help but open up. We don’t know how she does it. We’re thinking it is her superpower.


In addition to being a great therapist, Ashley also has a particular expertise in disordered eating, body image, and body dysmorphia. Overcoming her own eating disorder lit a fire inside of her to help others struggling with the same problem. She has also developed a reputation in the Twin Cities as an expert in this area, often called to lead trainings for other clinicians, due to her personal and professional knowledge.


People with eating disorders don’t realize that there can be a life on the other side of it. I want to show them how to get there.


Whether you are looking for help with accepting and loving your body, or are needing some expert help with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or anything else that life has thrown your way, you will be glad you found Ashley.

We know we are.

Ashley Smiling

Education & Certifications

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Master of Arts, Marriage & Family Therapy, St. Mary’s University

Bachelor of Arts, French & Communication, Bethel University

Prepare/Enrich Certified

Areas of Expertise

Systemic Therapies

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Radically-Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT)

Eating Disorders & Body Dysmorphia